Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Upcoming seminars


10/06/2021 - 4pm, Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine (University of New Mexico), A cosmological dark matter collider experiment

17/06/2021 - 4pm, Marco Astorino (INFN, Milano, Italy), Multi-black holes at equilibrium in an external gravitational field

Past seminars

27/05/2021 - 4pm, Daniel Litim (University of Sussex, UK), Asymptotic safety - from particle physics to quantum gravity

20/05/2021 - 4pm, Macarena Lagos (Columbia University, NY, USA), Interacting Gravitational Waves

13/05/2021 - 4pm, Swetha Bhagwat (Sapienza, University of Rome, Italy), Merger-ringdown consistency test

06/05/2021 - 4pm, Viviana Niro (APC Paris, France), Neutrinos from galactic sources

29/04/2021 - 4pm, Emel Altas (Karamanoglu Mehmetbey University, Turkey), Nonstationary energy in general relativity and approximate analytical description of apparent horizons for initial data with momentum and spin

22/04/2021 - 4pm, Teodor Borislavov Vasilev (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain), Classical and quantum f(R) cosmology: The big rip, the little rip and the little sibling of the big rip

15/04/2021 - 4pm, Famaey Benoit (Observatoire astronomique de Strasbourg, France), MOND: phenomenological review and constraints for model-building

25/03/2021 - 4pm, Johannes Noller (Cambridge University - DAMTP, UK), Testing gravity on all scales

18/03/2021 - 4pm, Kazuya Koyama (Portsmouth U., ICG, UK), General relativistic weak-field limit and Newtonian N-body simulations

11/03/2021 - 4pm, Raissa Mendes (Universidade Federal Fluminenense, Brazil), Probing general relativity with the most extreme neutron stars

04/03/2021 - 4pm, Ali Seraj (Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium), Gravitational memory in modified gravity and two-form symmetries

18/02/2021 - 4pm, François Larrouturou (IAP Paris, France), Refocus on the essentials: introducing the Minimal Theory of Bigravity

11/02/2021 - 4pm, Ondrej Hulik (Charles University, Prague), Generalized and Exceptional geometry, A Unified Framework

04/02/2021 - 4pm, Giulia Cusin (Universite de Geneve, Switzerland), Catalogue and background description of a population of GW sources: features, complementarities and caveats.

28/01/2021 - 4pm, Paolo Benincasa (IFT Madrid, Spain), Towards a reformulation of QFT in expanding universes.

21/01/2021 - 4pm, Timothy Anson (Universite Paris-Saclay, France), Disforming the Kerr metric

14/01/2021 - 4pm, Siddharth Prabhu (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India), The holographic nature of quantum information storage in asymptotically flat spacetimes

17/12/2020 - 4pm, Oksana Iarygina (Leiden University, NL), The physical mass scales of multi-field preheating

10/12/2020 - 4pm, Horng Sheng Chia (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA), Tidal Deformation and Dissipation of Rotating Black Holes

03/12/2020 - 4pm, Antony Lewis (University of Sussex, UK), Concordance, tensions and gravitational lensing

26/11/2020 - 4pm, Eiichiro Komatsu (Max-Planck-Institut für Astrophysik, Germany), Hunting for parity-violating physics in polarisation of the cosmic microwave background

19/11/2020 - 4pm, Mikhail Shaposhnikov (EPFL), Einstein-Cartan gravity: Inflation, Dark Matter and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

12/11/2020 - 4pm, William Barker (Kavli Institute for Cosmology, Cambridge, UK), Dark energy and radiation from the novel gauge gravity theories

05/11/2020 - 4pm, Fedor Bezrukov (University of Manchester, UK), What do we know about preheating in Higgs Inflation and its relatives?

22/10/2020 - 4pm, Eugene Lim (King's College London, UK), Challenging the Inflationary Paradigm

15/10/2020 - 4pm, Filippo Camilloni (University of Perugia, IT and Niels Bohr Institute, DK), Moving away from the Near-Horizon Attractor of the Extreme Kerr Force-Free Magnetospheres

08/10/2020 - 4pm, Anne Green (University of Nottingham, UK, Primordial Black Holes as a dark matter candidate

12/03/2020, 16:00 Keigo Shimada (Tokyo Institute of Technology), Metric-affine Geometry and Ghost-free structure of Scalar-tensor Theories

02/03/2020, 14:00 Tarek Anous (University of Amsterdam), Areas and entropies in BFSS/gravity duality

27/02/2020, 16:00 Elias Kiritsis (APC, Paris & Crete University), Emergent gravity from Hidden sectors

20/02/2020, 16:00 Georgios Loukes-Gerakopoulos (Astronomical Institute, Prague), Model agnostic approaches to cosmology

13/02/2020, 16:00 Paolo Creminelli (ICTP, Trieste), Initial Conditions for Inflation

30/01/2020, 16:00 Tomas Ledvinka (Charles University, Prague), Dynamic vacuum spacetimes in a computer

29/01/2020, 14:00 Harold Erbin (University of Turin), Machine learning for QFT

23/01/2020, 16:00 Chris Clarkson (Queen Mary University of London) - CANCELLED , General relativity in the era of large scale surveys

16/12/2019, 16:00 Pavel Motloch (CITA, Toronto), Galaxy spins as probes of fundamental physics

12/12/2019, 16:00 Filippo Vernizzi (Universite Paris Saclay), Dark energy after gravitational wave observations

28/11/2019, 16:00 Guillermo Ballesteros (Autonoma University, Madrid), Primordial black hole dark matter from inflation

21/11/2019, 16:00 Giovanni Acquaviva (Charles University, Prague, CZ), Emergent gravity, Bekenstein bound and unitarity

04/11/2019, 16:00   Dionysios Anninos, de Sitter horizons and sphere partition functions

17/10/2019, 16:00   Sk Jahanur Hoque, Conserved charges in asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes

10/10/2019, 16:00   Cosimo Bambi, Testing general relativity using X-ray reflection spectroscopy

03/10/2019, 14:00   Dalimil Mazac, Sphere packing, quantum gravity and extremal functionals

02/10/2019, 11:00   Thales Azevedo, (DF)^2 gauge theories and strings

01/10/2019, 14:00   Poulami Nandi, Field Theories with Conformal Carrollian Symmetry

30/09/2019, 14:00   Antoine Bourget,  The Higgs Mechanism - Hasse Diagrams for Symplectic Singularities

19/09/2019, 16:00    Gizem Sengor,  Unitarity at the Late Time Boundary of de Sitter

16/08/2019, 14:00    Tomas Prochazka, Thermodynamics Bethe Ansatz

12/08/2019, 14:00    Camilo Garcia-Cely, Self-interacting Spin-2 Dark Matter

01/08/2019, 16:00    Andrei Frolov, Cosmic dust is everywhere

22/07/2019, 14:00    Agnes Ferte, Probing The Accelerated Universe Through Weak Lensing

19/07/2019, 14:00    Xingang Chen, Probing the Origin of the Big Bang Cosmology

16/07/2019, 14:00    Leonardo Modesto, Nonlocal Quantum Gravity

15/07/2019, 11:00    Mirek Rapcak, On Miura transformation for $W_{n|m \times \infty}$ and related geometry

11/07/2019, 14:00    David Svoboda, Paracomplex Geometry and Twisted Supersymmetry

08/07/2019, 14:00    Adolfo Cisterna, Homogenous AdS black strings in General Relativity and Lovelock theories

04/07/2019, 14:00    Cesar Arias,  Higher Spins and Topological Strings

24/06/2019, 14:00    Andrea Fontanella, Hidden relativistic symmetry in AdS/CFT

10/06/2019, 14:00    Dmitry Gorbunov, Higgs inflation in weak coupling regime

07/06/2019, 14:00    Mairi Sakellariadou, Stochastic gravitational waves background and its anisotropies

04/06/2019, 13:30    Tanmay Vachaspati, A Classical-Quantum Correspondence

21/05/2019, 16:00    Julian Adamek, Gevolution v1.2 - relativistic N-body simulations and light-cone analysis

13/05/2019, 14:00    Tomislav Prokopec, Quantum corrections during inflation

10/04/2019, 14:00    Ogan Ozsoy, Probing Early Universe on Small Scales

25/03/2019, 14:00    James Bonifacio, Shift Symmetries in (Anti) de Sitter Space

18/03/2019, 14:00    Masahide Yamaguchi, Higher derivative scalar-tensor theory through a non-dynamical scalar field

14/03/2019, 16:00    Stefano Camera,  Synergic cosmology across the spectrum

28/02/2019, 16:00    Gizem Sengor,  A look at Cosmological Perturbations during Preheating with Effective Field Theory Methods

27/02/2019, 14:00    Antonio Racioppi,  The Palatini side of inflationary attractors

25/02/2019, 14:00    Jakub Vicha,  Probing the Universe at the Highest Energies with the Pierre Auger Observatory

19/02/2019, 14:00    Yuji Satoh,  TBA (room 226)

18/02/2019, 14:00    Vojtech Witzany,  Spin-perturbed orbits near black holes

10/12/2018, 14:00    Shinji Mukohyama,  Minimalism in modified gravity

26/11/2018, 14:00    Ondrej Pejcha,  Explosive deaths of stars: core-collapse supernovae and stellar mergers

23/11/2018, 14:00    Rachel Houtz,  Color Unified Dynamical Axion

22/11/2018, 16:00    Antonino Marciano,  Non-dynamical torsion from fermions and CMBR phenomenology

20/11/2018, 14:00    Andrea Addazi,  Gravitational waves from Dark bubbles in the early Universe

05/11/2018, 14:00    Subodh Patil,  Tensor bounds on the hidden universe

25/10/2018, 16:00    Alexey Golovnev,  Modified teleparallel gravity

16/10/2018, 14:00    Lasha Berezhiani,  Superfluid Dark Matter

15/10/2018, 14:00    Hiroyuki Sagawa,  Recent results of the Telescope Array experiment on ultra-high energy cosmic rays (Division Seminar)

15/10/2018, 11:00    Hidehiko Shimada,  TBA

08/10/2018, 14:00    Katherine Freese,  Inflationary Cosmology in Light of Cosmic Microwave Background Data

17/09/2018, 14:00    Elena de Paoli,  A gauge-invariant symplectic potential for tetrad general relativity

30/07/2018, 13:30    Shun-Pei Miao,  A Cosmological Coleman Weinberg Potentials and Inflation


27/07/2018, 14:00    Richard Woodard,  A Nonlocal Metric Realization of MOND


26/07/2018, 14:00    Dam Thanh Son,  From fractional quantum Hall effect to field-theoretical dualities


25/07/2018, 14:00    Oleg Teryaev,  Graviitational formfactors and pressure in elementary particles


24/07/2018, 14:00    Renato Costa,  Singularity free Universe in double field theory


18/07/2018, 14:00    Massimiliano Rinaldi,  Scale-invariant inflation


17/07/2018, 14:00    Alessandro Drago,  What do mergers of neutron stars tell us about nuclear physics?


16/07/2018, 14:00    Miroslav Rapcak,  Representation Theory of Vertex Operator Algebras and Gukov-Witten defects


12/07/2018, 14:00    Jarah Evslin,  Cosmic Expansion Anomalies as Seen by Baryon Acoustic Oscillations


03/07/2018, 14:00    Yi-Zen Chu,  Theoretical Explorations in Gravitational Physics


28/06/2018, 14:00    Andreas Albrecht,  Perspectives on Cosmic Inflation


27/06/2018, 14:00    Andreas Albrecht,  Einselection and Equilibrium


26/06/2018, 14:00    Eugeny Babichev,  Hamiltonian vs stability and application to scalar-tensor theories

25/06/2018, 14:00    Wojciech Hellwing,  How to falsify CDM (and test its alternatives)?

15/06/2018, 11:00    Emre Kahya,  Loop Corrections to Primordial non-Gaussianties


14/06/2018, 16:00    Emre Kahya,  GW170817 Falsifies Dark Matter Emulators


12/06/2018, 14:00    Dam Thanh Son,  Quantum Hall effect and field-theoretic dualities


06/07/2018, 14:00    Sébastien Clesse,  Primordial Black Holes as the Dark Matter


21/05/2018, 14:00    Maksym Ovchynnikov ,  New physics at the intensity frontier


17/05/2018, 16:00    Lorenzo Pizzuti,  Modified gravity with galaxy cluster mass profiles: from data to simulations


15/05/2018, 15:00    Santiago Casas,  Model-independent tests of gravity with present data and future surveys


07/05/2018, 14:00    Diego Blas,  Probing dark matter properties with pulsar timing


04/05/2018, 14:00    Peter Tinyakov,  Compact stars as dark matter probes


03/05/2018, 14:00    Jan Novák,  Scalar perturbations of Galileon cosmologies in the mechanical approach in the late Universe


12/04/2018, 14:00    Tomi Koivisto,  Symmetric Teleparallelism


10/04/2018, 14:00    Luca Marzola,  The 21-cm Line


27/03/2018, 14:00    Julian Adamek,  Evolving The Metric - N-body simulations for relativistic cosmology

20/03/2018, 14:00     Patrick Stengel,  The Higgs boson can delay Reheating after Inflation

15/03/2018, 14:00    Ilidio Lopes,  Impact of dark matter in stellar oscillations

20/02/2018, 14:00     Eric Bergshoeff,  Gravity and the spin-2 planar Schroedinger equation

12/02/2018, 14:00     Roberto Oliveri,  Gravitational multipole moments from Noether charges

01/02/2018, 16:00     Luca Visinelli,  Axions in cosmology and astrophysics

30/01/2018, 14:00     Eleonora Villa,  Theoretical systematics in galaxy clustering in LCDM and beyond

23/01/2018, 14:00     Petr Satunin,  Constraints on violation of Lorentz invariance from atmospheric showers initiated by multi-TeV photons

12/12/2017, 14:00     David Svoboda,  Twisted brackets, fluxes, and deformations of para-Kahler manifolds

11/12/2017, 16:00     Martin Roček,  WZW models and generalized geometry

05/12/2017, 14:00     Dimitris Skliros,  Coherent states in String Theory

04/12/2017, 14:00     Ed Copeland,  Screening mechanisms and testing for them in cosmology and the laboratory

30/11/2017, 14:00     Marc Gillioz,  Sum Rules for the "c" Anomaly in 4 Dimensions

28/11/2017, 14:00     Sugumi Kanno,  Decoherence of Bubble Universes

27/11/2017, 14:00     Rachel Houtz,  Little Conformal Symmetry and Neutral Naturalness

08/11/2017, 14:00     Pierre Fleury,  Weak lensing with finite beams

07/11/2017, 14:00     Frederik Lauf,  Classification of three-dimensional Chern-Simons-matter theories

06/11/2017, 14:00     Andrei Gruzinov,  Particle production by real (astrophysical) black holes

23/10/2017, 14:00     George Pappas,  Neutron stars as matter and gravity laboratories

16/10/2017, 14:00     Tessa Baker,  Tests of Beyond-Einstein Gravity

02/10/2017 14:00    Piotr Surowka  New developments in hydrodynamics
08/09/2017, 14:00   Dani Figueroa  Higgs Cosmology: implications of the Higgs for the early Universe
06/09/2017, 14:00    Sergey Ketov  Starobinsky inflation in supergravity
06/09/2017, 11:00   Dalimil Mazáč  Analytic conformal bootstrap and QFT in AdS2
29/06/2017, 14:00   Bruce Bassett  Rise of the Machine: AI and Fundamental Science
28/06/2017,  14:00   Dmitri Semikoz  Signatures of a two million year old nearby supernova in antimatter data
02/06/2017,  14:00   David Alonso  Science with future ground-based CMB experiments
22/05/2017,  14:00   Mathieu Langer  Magnetizing the intergalactic medium during reionization
16/05/2017,  16:00   Sergey Sibiryakov  Counts-in-cells statistics of cosmic structure
25/04/2017,  14:00    Ippocratis Saltas  What can unimodular gravity teach us about the cosmological constant?
12/04/2017,  14:00    Andrei Nomerotski  Status and Plans for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
06/04/2017,  14:00    Alex Vikman  The Phantom of the Cosmological Time-Crystals
03/04/2017,  14:00    Jnan Maharana  Scattering of Stringy States and T-duality
27/03/2017,  14:00   Michal Bilek  Galaxy interactions in MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)
27/02/2017,  16:00   Misao Sasaki,  Signatures from inflationary massive gravity
23/02/2017,  14:00   Misao Sasaki, Inflation and Beyond
14/12/2016,  14:00   Giovanni Acquaviva,Dark matter perturbations with causal bulk viscosity
09/12/2016,  14:00   David Pirtskhalava  Relaxing the Cosmological Constant
14/11/2016,  14:00   Glenn Barnich,   Finite BMS transformations
18/10/2016   14:00   Eugeny Babichev, Gravitational origin of dark matter