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Strings: Thursday, 13/06/2024, 14:00
Daniel Junghans (TU Wien, Vienna)
Problems with de Sitter in string theory
The simplest explanation for the observed accelerating expansion of our universe is that we live in an approximate de Sitter space. On the other hand, there is growing evidence that various popular proposals for realizing de Sitter space in string theory do not self-consistently control neglected string corrections. In this talk, we discuss recent results on such control problems for some of these de Sitter models.

Strings: Monday, 17/06/2024, 14:00
Tung Tran (University of Vienna, Vienna)
Quantum higher-spin Yang-Mills from the IKKT matrix model
The one-loop effective action of the higher-spin gauge theory induced by the IKKT matrix model on an FLRW cosmological spacetime brane in the presence of compact fuzzy extra dimensions is discussed. We show that all non-abelian (hs-valued) gauge fields in this model acquire mass via quantum effects, thus avoiding no-go theorems. This leads to a massive non-abelian quantum higher-spin Yang-Mills theory below the Kaluza-Klein scale, whose detailed structure depends on the extra dimensions. The stabilization of these extra dimensions naturally induces a Kaluza Klein scale into the N = 4 SYM sector of the model, thus breaking the superconformal symmetry.

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