Central European Institute for Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

Joris Raeymaekers

PhD:  Catholic University, Leuven, 2001
2008-  Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences; Researcher
2007-08 Catholic University Leuven; Postdoc
2005-07 University of Tokyo; JSPS Fellow
2003-05 Korean Institute of Advanced Study, Seoul; Postdoc
2001-03  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai; Postdoc
Email: wbevf@smh.pm
Phone: +420 26605 2048
Address:   Office 209
Na Slovance 1999/2
182 21 Praha 8, Czech Republic

My research focuses on quantum gravity: the aim to unify Einstein’s theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics. A theory which accomplishes this goal, and is believed by many to describe our quantum universe, is string theory. An important insight which came out of string theory, but which may be more generally valid, is the idea of holography: quantum gravity can be reformulated as a theory without gravity which lives on a surface of one lower dimension, the ‘holographic screen’.
Perhaps the simplest examples of holographic quantum gravity theories are the higher spin theories in three dimensions, and one of my research goals is to fully understand the way holography works there. I also work on the application of holography to answer specific questions in quantum gravity, such as what makes up the microscopic ‘soup’ inside of a black hole as predicted by Bekenstein and Hawking, and how this impacts on resolving Hawking's black hole information puzzle.

Selected Publications

  • E. Perlmutter, T. Prochazka and J. Raeymaekers, The semiclassical limit of WN CFTs and Vasiliev theory
    JHEP (2013) [arXiv:1210.8452 [hep-th]]
  • A. Castro, R. Gopakumar, M. Gutperle and J. Raeymaekers, Conical Defects in Higher Spin Theories
    JHEP (2012) [arXiv:1111.3381 [hep-th]]
  • P.J. De Smet and J.Raeymaekers, Level four approximation to the tachyon potential in superstring field theory
    JHEP (2000) [hep-th/0003220]

For a complete list of publications see: INSPIRE-HEP.